Atie J El Mouallem

Banker & Financial Advisor


Dr. Atie Jospeh El Mouallem is a renowned banker. Dr. Atie is a financial advisor to UHNWI, private entities, family offices, and companies. He aims to grow the portfolio and route business to Lebanon and UAE. He is an expert in M&A, financial structuring and debt re-structuring. His strategic and practical insights inspire organisations in GCC and Middle East. His foresight and direct consultation is soughtby major corporations and governments. He is a patriotic and proud Lebanese. He wants to combat the endemic corruption which plagues Lebanon.

Dr Atie has used insights from his experience in working with various groups in business, government, and education. He constantly strives to collaborate in ways they can simultaneously achieve their most passionate goals, further the success of their organisations and employees, and serve the higher aims of the societies in which they work.

He is currently championing the need for fighting the corruption and improving corporate governance for Lebanon. 

Dr Atie is also on the sought-after advisory board of reputed organisations like Oledcomm, Murex Capital International, Servia and MENA Research Partners. He is also associated with many business and non-profit boards, such as ACFE, LIFE, Autism Foundation, always addressing crisis situations through national service, and on a variety of national or regional commissions including the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors. He speaks widely, often sharing the platform with fellow Bankers, Thought leaders, and CFO’s at national and international events.


During his long and ongoing tenure in the financial industry, Dr. Atie has always managed to increase the portfolio by considerable amount within short spans of time, and the same kind of phenomenal response he expects from his campaign on anti-corruption.

His banking career is distinguished internationally. Currently he is the General Manager of BBAC (Bank of Beirut and Arab Countries), UAE.

His strategic and practical insights however is a culmination of pivotal roles held by him in multiple capacities across a spectrum of industry and clients. Dr. Atie has remained the General Manager Byblos Bank. He also headed the sales in the Premier Life Segment Abu Dhabi for Barclay’s Bank, and head of Business Banking for Royal Bank of Scotland, Abu Dhabi.

Hailing graduation degrees from premier professional institutes like MIT and Geneva Business School and holding degrees from renowned educational institutes like Atlanta University, Emirates Institute of Tech and Leaders American University, US, Dr Atie now upholds the cause of national development through technology revolution.


Dr Atie is a man of diverse engagements. To him growth is always multi-pronged and should never be restricted to one direction. No wonder he has his fingers in many pies and is solely focussed in taking along everybody towards the path of growth.

Oledcomm is a spin off Versailles University based on research from Professor Suat Topsu who is currently president of the company. Today, with a growing team, powerful partnerships, an industry focus, and a solid portfolio of LiFi-focused patents and products, Oledcomm is setting it’s sights on the next technological revolution.

Murex has a strong foothold in high-growth geographies like MENA and Africa as to introduce its clients for new business. Murex has a strong reach in a large number of MENA banks as to secure its clients with fresh funding.

Servia s.a.l. company – Lebanon, is focusing on administration, accounting, cash management, internal auditing, taxation, marketing and other financial services. It has partnerships with other professional institutions for external auditing, insurance segments and fundraising. 

MENA Research Partners (MRP) is a research and consultancy outsourcing company offering customized business intelligence and analytics to corporations in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. Its services focus on economic research, sector research, market research and financial research in addition to data analytics.

China Railway International Co., Ltd (CRI) is a subsidiary of China Railway Group Limited (CREC) which has been listed in the Fortune Global 500 and the World’s 500 Most Influential Brands, and specializes in developing international business on its behalf. With the spirit of “Building for Excellence” CRI is ready to cooperate with all potential partners for the building of a better world.


ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners)

Senior Member

The ACFE is the world’s largest anti-fraud organization and a premier provider of anti-fraud training and education. Together with nearly 85,000 members, the ACFE is reducing business fraud worldwide and inspiring public confidence in the integrity and objectivity within the profession.


Senior Member

Lebanese International Finance Executives (LIFE) is a worldwide membership organisation of Lebanese financiers based in the diaspora and is funded by its members’ fees, by individual donors as well as by the country’s major banks.

Autism Trust Foundation

Member of the Executive board of directors

The Autism Trust Foundation is a UK-registered, non-profitable organization, dedicated to providing affordable therapy and support to children and families dealing with autism around the world. ATF currently runs centers in Dubai, Ecuador, and Ghana, with plans to open 2 further centers in Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah; ATF also runs a network of offices in the UK, USA, Canada, Venezuela, Argentina, Palestine, Ecuador, and Ghana

HCS Consultancy LLC

Member of the advisory board

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Governments are partnering with private entities to keep up the pace of development. Private corporations with their expertise and capital can deliver big projects on time. “Public Private Partnership” can improve the country’s infrastructure and private companies can partner in nation building.


A firm believer in the power of technology, Dr. believes that Blockchain will improve efficiencies of Lebanon Government processes. Blockchain could help Lebanon increase transparency and reduce corruption. He is eager to explore Blockchain applications for government use if it helps Lebanon get rid of its corruption.


The banking sector is one of the most formidable pillars of Lebanon’s economy. Big data can give context and meaning and increase efficiencies. It can reduce back office overheads and marketing costs. Banks are the most data intensive sectors and with AI, Banks can stay competitive.


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