How Did We Get Here - Haircut Part Two
30 Years at a Glance: The Recent Economic History of Lebanon The current economic situation in Lebanon is – either directly or indirectly – a cumulative result of the previous strategies, policies, and events. Understanding the factors which led to the proposition of the Haircut in Lebanon necessitates looking back at the last 30 years...
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Dr Atieh on Loubnan Al Yawm on Financial Situation in Lebanon
Below is the English transcript of Dr Atie appearance on Loubnan Al Yawm with Pierre Al Bayeh in January. The talk was centred on the financial situation in Lebanon after the October revolution. At the bottom of the article, you can find the Arabic video for the same.
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Lebanon’s October Revolution should lead to structural reforms
The time has come for Lebanon to make a historical transformation in its traditional policies on economic management and the nation’s lifestyle. There can be no further development for Lebanon without this transformation.
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Exploring the Connection Between Corruption and Economic Growth
In a paper titled 'Corruption and Economic Growth in Lebanon' [2], the authors have tried to examine the relationship. This article summarizes the key observations of the authors.
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Relationship Between Consociationalism and State Corruption in Lebanon.
Consociationalism is a form of democracy which seeks to regulate the sharing of power in a state that comprises diverse societies (distinct ethnic, religious, political, national or linguistic groups), by allocating these groups collective rights.
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First batch of Certified Anti corruption managers in Lebanon
Fighting corruption at a global level, First Batch of Certified Anti-Corruption Managers in Lebanon.
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'How Does Corruption Affect Human Rights?': Analysis of an article
The article provides an overview of the causes and effects of corruption along with an analysis of how corruption affects human rights. The author then applies the findings to the Lebanese case and exposes the effects of corruption on the Lebanese youth.
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My Takeaway from Sarah Hariri Haykal Paper on Corruption in Lebanon
The paper puts forth the argument that the cause for endemic corruption is more because of social norms rather than structural issues.
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A list of various Books and Academic Papers published about Corruption in Lebanon
Corruption is one of the most burgeoning issues plaguing Lebanon at the moment. It permeates all layers of society and is widespread. A lot has been written to document the high levels of corruption in Lebanese society
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