Lebanon’s Economy
Lebanese Diaspora Energy - Together for a better tomorrow
Standing together and holding on to each other with support and love is what Lebanese people have proudly done across the globe for decades. As we all go through these hard times, we must, more than ever, show solidarity and support.
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Coronavirus outbreak in Lebanon - a crisis within a crisis
This Health crisis started within the fallout of the economic sector which was creating a whole fiscal crisis, hence now we are having multiple impacts related to the same:
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Dr Atie discusses Eurobonds and Economy on Loubnan Al Yawm
Indeed, our government did not begin implementation and simply waited until now. We’re always consulting McKinsey as well as other national experts. And what’s striking is that if we look more closely at these companies, we’d notice that they are all led by Lebanese individuals whose expertise we never benefited from.
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A New Economic Model Needed to Reduce Inequality in Lebanon
The revolution has been linked to the acute problem of inequality in Lebanon. This uprising was against the power elites with an aim to end sectarianism politics
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Dr Atieh on Loubnan Al Yawm on Financial Situation in Lebanon
Below is the English transcript of Dr Atie appearance on Loubnan Al Yawm with Pierre Al Bayeh in January. The talk was centred on the financial situation in Lebanon after the October revolution. At the bottom of the article, you can find the Arabic video for the same.
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Lebanon’s October Revolution should lead to structural reforms
The time has come for Lebanon to make a historical transformation in its traditional policies on economic management and the nation’s lifestyle. There can be no further development for Lebanon without this transformation.
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