Public Private Partnership
Public Private Partnership policy in UAE : What you need to know
The need for public private partnership has been recognised by the members of the government : While speaking at the UAE Public Policy Forum in 2018, H.E. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori, UAE Minister of Economy noted that ...
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[:en] Lebanon Parliament finally passed the “Public Private Partnership” law on 16th August 2017. The idea of PPP in Lebanon is not a recent one though. There have been research papers way back in 2002–2004 by academics like Dina Jamali and Mutasem El-Fadel on PPP in Telecom and Solid Waste Management respectively. The first draft law on PPP was...
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[:en] Governments are seeking support from Private enterprises to deal with complex problems. The technological expertise of private enterprise can the utilised to Develop infrastructure, Public health, Education, Energy, Environment and many emerging fields. Public Private Partnership places less stress on governments budgets. Improved infrastructure contributes to higher commercial activity and creation of jobs. In...
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