Friday 17th July 2020

Dr. Atie Jospeh El Mouallem is a renowned banker. Dr. Atie is a financial advisor to UHNWI, private entities, family offices, and companies. He aims to grow the portfolio and route business to Lebanon and UAE. He is an expert in M&A, financial structuring and debt re-structuring. His strategic and practical insights inspire organisations in GCC and Middle East. His foresight and direct consultation is soughtby major corporations and governments. He is a patriotic and proud Lebanese. He wants to combat the endemic corruption which plagues Lebanon.


Dr Atie has used insights from his experience in working with various groups in business, government, and education. He constantly strives to collaborate in ways they can simultaneously achieve their most passionate goals, further the success of their organisations and employees, and serve the higher aims of the societies in which they work.


He is currently championing the need for fighting the corruption and improving corporate governance for Lebanon.  


Dr Atie is also on the sought-after advisory board of reputed organisations like Oledcomm, Murex Capital International, Servia and MENA Research Partners. He is also associated with many business and non-profit boards, such as ACFE, LIFE, Autism Foundation, always addressing crisis situations through national service, and on a variety of national or regional commissions including the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors. He speaks widely, often sharing the platform with fellow Bankers, Thought leaders, and CFO’s at national and international events.