Monday 23rd March 2020
Coronavirus outbreak in Lebanon – a crisis within a crisis

In the event of the Coronavirus outbreak in Lebanon and the current situation in our beloved country, we find ourselves facing a crisis within a crisis. This Health crisis started within the fallout of the economic sector which was creating a whole fiscal crisis, hence now we are having multiple impacts related to the same:

  • Health Sector: The arrival of coronavirus adds urgency to mending a health care system devastated by the country's economic crisis and cutbacks in-hospital services are perhaps the starkest effects of the country's fiscal crisis. … an organisation representing the interests of the hospital sector which now is struggling to accommodate patients
  • Economic Sector: Lebanon is already grappling with a financial and economic crisis, and the lockdown will make things much worse and especially with the shortage of US dollars and the Hyperinflation the country is going through which is reflecting negatively on the whole population and we will start witnessing dramatic scenarios that we didn't even go through during the multiple wars that we went through
  • Hunger, Illness, unemployment etc…

With all of the above, and I can write and elaborate more and more, but am trying to be brief as to retain your attention, I highly recommend to start something that will enable us to help LEBANON with:

  1. Transparency
  2. Due Diligence
  3. Non-political approach
  4. Non-religious and Non-Ethnic

Your thoughts would be highly appreciated and I will be sharing some with you in the coming days.

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