Sunday 13th June 2021
Letter Requesting Donation for School

Our Lady of the Tower School 

For the Sisters of the Holy Family 

Deir El Ahmar

On Monday 24th, May, 2021 

Sister Rima MAALOUF

School's Director

Lebanon- Bekaa- Deir El Ahmar

Sub: Letter Requesting Donation for School

To whom it may concern ,

Our school “Lady of the Tower School for the Sisters of the Holy Family” is located in Bekaa- Lebanon in the district of Deir El Ahmar. It is on the main road between Btedhi and Chlifa. Its ultimate goal is our children’s spiritual and educational lives.

From 1932 till now, our school still taking care of poor children, but due the economic circumstances in Lebanon in general, and in our school in particular, we requires your generous attention in the form of donation. Your donation and help can bring a smile to thousands of faces by helping them to achieve a good life and to continue their learning in our school.

The amount of donation to our school can vary depending on how much you want to help or support. Your donation will be used in educating and fulfilling all the basic needs of poor children. The future of 368 students in our school in danger due to economic crises that we are all facing now in Lebanon. And the most important point about our school is that it’s the only private school in Deir El Ahmar and the surrounded villages (Koddam, Eineta, Chlifa, Barka, Bechwet, Safra, Mchayerfe, Iaat...), for this reason it will be a huge disaster if it will close its doors and forbid the students from achieving their dream to continue the learning and achieve their goals in the future.

Our Lady of the Tower School For the Sisters of the Holy Family Deir El Ahmar

Your support will be highly appreciated and will be proved since we send to anyone who helps us, vouchers to prove that we really helped the students that they were really indeed. We are looking forward to strengthening our relationship with you.

Sincerely yours,
Sister Rima MAALOUF 

Holy Family School
Deir El Ahmar
0961 71 736 988


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